Led by author and speaker Mark Gregston, this unique presentation offers practical and relevant help to parents of teens and pre-teens. You’ll learn tried and true parenting principles that have proven effective for families dealing with an out-of-control teen just like yours. The results speak for themselves: 90% of our participants never have to send their teen to a residential counseling program or a therapeutic boarding school to change negative behaviors.

SESSION 1  |  1:41:21

SESSION 2  |  1:30:47

SESSION 3  |  1:10:51

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Over 4 hours of parenting wisdom from Mark Gregston shared over the course of 3 sessions. Mark is the host of the Parenting Today’s Teen’s Radio program that is heard on over 1,700 outlets nationwide. He’s also the founder of Heartlight, a residential counseling center for struggling teens, and has been a “home away from home” for over 3,000 teens. Mark’s wit and wisdom will be shared in an easy style that will reflect his 45 years of experience of working with teens and their families.

 While this webinar may not be as personal as face-to-face conversations on the beautiful campus of Heartlight, you will receive some new tools to add to your parenting toolbox. We’ll also send each household a copy of Mark’s workbook, Developing Rules and Consequences.